Audi RS5 Sportback Concept

Huge HDR renderings !

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2012 RS5 Sportback Concept

Exciting project based on the S5 model. Check out amazing studio and hdr renderings.

S5 Sportback

Modelled with Autodesk AutoStudio 2012, Rendered with 3dsmax 2010 with Vray 1.50. Check the making-of and the final renderings here !

Lemans Concept II

New version of the fabulous Lemans Concept. New design, new pictures, don't miss it !

Rhino Tutorial

Read this tutorial to learn basics of Nurbs modeller Rhinoceros. English and French version available

"Discover original concepts and nice pieces of nurbs modelling in the Projects section, learn how to do it yourself in the Tutorial section, and follow me on the one word : Enjoy !!" Romain.