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    Posted on March 2, 2014 by therainknight in WIP.

    Have been thinking of giving my RS 5 a more latest RS7 or RS6 look.

    I made a first model by adding aluminum air intakes on the sides , and one under the license plate and adding two radars in the lateral grills. Putting the bottom blade in black would do the trick. Here under are two Showcase screenshots.


    Showcase shot


    Another showcase shot

    But them I tried to put some bodypainted area like the RS7. I think this is better than black or the original aluminium in that case, because the airintakes are already aluminium. That’s how the RS7 is build. I did some photoshop first. Changing the upper line of the lateral grills too.

    Photoshop mod

    Photoshop mod

    Here under are an alias screenshot and another Showcase view of the new thing, at the moment just added the body paint area in the bottom part but did not change anything else (had to adapt lateral grills though).


    New bumper in alias


    New bumper in Showcase

    More to come. Might find some new things at the rear too.

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