Bugatti Lemans Concept

Key Facts and Figures

Client/Context : Personnal work – The Idea was to create a small Bugatti based on the Gallardo platmform
Workflow : Exterior and Interior modelled with Nurbs in Rhinoceros – Tesselated in Rhino and exported to 3dsmax in .3ds format. Rendered with Vray
Started on : April 2004
Finished on : Nov 2005
Files number :467
Project Size : 1.72Gb
Rhino File Size : 40Mb
3dsmax File Size :  70Mb

Final Gallery : Coupe and Roadster

Physical Model

At the end of 2005, I’ve been contacted by PAR Systems (Minnesotta), who proposed to mill the model of the Bugatti – One model for them to display on events to show their milling abilities, and one model for me….Gift arrived around Christmas and it was incredible to have the opportunity to touch something you created…

See pictures below, visit PAR Systems Website, and watch the small movie they made showing the milling process !!

Bugatti Lemans Model Milling from TheRainKnight on Vimeo.

Work in Progress

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