Learn Nurbs with Rhinoceros (Beginner)

 In this tutorial i’m building a car which could have been the Audi TT mark II. It was back in 2005 !! Lessons cover all the basics of Nurbs modelling and each step of how build a car, from main slabs to trimming, filleting, and even exporting to 3dsmax for instance for rendering. Enjoy !
For skilled Rhino or Nurbs users, remember that I was myself almost a beginner. If I had to write this tutorial again, and using recent versions of Rhinoceros (4.0 for instance), maybe it would be different and more efficient!

Original french version below, english translation available.




Alias S5 Sportback Video Sessions

Here under are three videos I captured while working on the S5.  in the first two ones, look at how i’ve been setting up surfaces for the side and fender and how while keeping historic we are able to get the highlights we want. Second one deals with getting G2 continuity on the last square manually.

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